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What Does a Pallet Distribution Company Help With?

If you need to work with pallets for loading and shipping purposes -- or other reasons -- then you'll need to contact a pallet distribution company. These companies help with lots of things related to pallets. If you're wondering about the different things that pallet distribution companies can do for businesses like yours, consider these common services that they offer.

Delivering Pallets

If you don't have pallets to use for shipping right now, or if you don't have as many pallets as you need, then you might want to contact a pallet distribution company as soon as you can. Let them know about how many pallets you need, what sizes the pallets need to be, and whether you want wood or plastic pallets. Then, they should deliver the pallets straight to your warehouse or other commercial property.

Sorting and Repairing Pallets

You will probably get a lot of use out of your pallets, and some of them might get damaged in the process. Someone from your pallet distribution company should come regularly to sort through your pallets. Some of them might need to be swapped out, since they might be broken or otherwise damaged and might not be repairable. In other cases, the pallets might be repairable; this is typically the case with wooden pallets rather than plastic pallets. Many pallet distribution companies will repair damaged pallets when needed.

Picking Up Pallets

If you only need pallets for a temporary period of time -- such as if you're only planning on sending out a couple of orders -- then you might just rent the pallets. In this case, you might have your pallets picked up by the pallet distribution company when you are finished with them. Then, you won't have to worry about loading them up and taking them anywhere; instead, someone from the pallet distribution company should come straight to your place of business to pick them up. Alternatively, they might pick them up from elsewhere to make things more convenient for you; for example, they might pick them up from the facility that you shipped products to, since the pallets might have now been unloaded.

Just about any business that works with pallets can typically make use of these types of services. If you're interested in getting help with pallets, you should contact a pallet distribution company to inquire about whether or not they offer these types of services for businesses like yours.