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Top Tips When Choosing a Refrigerated Transport Company

Refrigerated transport services are your best bet when you need to transport perishable products such as farm produce and seafood. In the article below, you will learn a few considerations you should make when choosing a refrigerated transport company. 

Work With a Reputable Company

Seek referrals from people who have used refrigerated transport services in the past. Alternatively, you could conduct an internet search to determine reputable companies in your locality. Some of your concerns should include the following:

  1. Does the company have a responsive customer care department? 
  2. What is the company's area of operation? It is a concern when you need to transport goods interstate or internationally.
  3. The company should have a reefer truck insurance that covers refrigerated goods in transit.
  4. Work with a company that has reasonable terms of hire and a flexible pricing strategy. 

Carefully Choose the Vehicle

Visit the company's premises and inspect the trucks available for hire. The type of product you intend to transport will determine what truck you should hire. For example, a farmer transporting a few products may not need a whole truck. As such, he or she could opt for one that has compartments.

Evaluate the efficiency of the truck's refrigeration system. For example, what are its minimum temperatures? Some products, such as seafood, require sub-zero temperatures. Otherwise, they could go bad. Adequate insulation and proper duct work will prevent the goods from gaining heat during transport.

Ask for the truck's service and inspection records to ascertain that it will not break down when ferrying your products. Engine leaks, strange engine noises, worn-out tires and unusual smoke are indications of a poorly maintained truck.  

Cold Chain Management

The company should have an excellent cold chain management process. For instance, drivers should have adequate knowledge of how to handle products during loading and off-loading. The truck should be clean and dry. In addition, spoilt and damaged products should not be loaded on the vehicle.

If you need to export the goods, work with a company that provides refrigerated storage services. They should also be conversant with international laws. For example, some countries have varying regulations regarding transport and storage temperatures. 

Check the company's level of automation and technology. For instance, some companies use advanced systems that allow them to adjust temperatures on the reefer remotely. These technologies will also provide real-time updates on the condition and location of the goods to the customer and company staff.

Choosing a refrigerated transport company is now easy with the above tips. Work with a reputable company, select a suitable vehicle and examine the company's cold chain management processes.