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Make Parcel Delivery Easier For Your Customers

Customers today are looking for fast and convenient parcel delivery when they order their goods online, and will often repay good service with their loyalty. Point-to-point pickup services allow your customers to collect their parcels at their own convenience. After all, nobody wants to wait in all day for parcel delivery, especially if that parcel never turns up on the right day. By using a point-to-point pickup service, you can keep customers informed of delivery times and keep them on your side. 

No More Missed Parcel Delivery

Missed deliveries aren't just inconvenient for customers; they cost your business money too. For every parcel that isn't delivered, a repeat visit must be arranged or at the very least, arrangements must be made to deliver the parcel to a depot or contact the customer to arrange an alternative delivery location. A point-to-point pickup services allows your drivers to drop off a parcel at set points around your city. The customer is then informed by SMS, email or an app that their parcel is ready for collection and given a unique code to access the point-to-point pickup location. 

A Growing Service

Point-to-point parcel delivery is becoming more and more convenient and popular. Customers have busy lives, but they still want to take advantage of the great offers to be found when shopping for products online. By offering them an alternative to home parcel delivery, you can help them to live their lives while also saving money on their purchases. Point-to-point pickup is set to be a service that continues to grow and grow. In just a few years, we may even see drone delivery services that are able to make drops to more and more points across the country.

Get The Competitive Edge

If you are already offering a home parcel delivery service, why not add a point-to-point pickup service to your range of delivery options? In doing so, you could get the upper hand on your competitors, secure new customers and keep your existing customers coming back to use your services time and time again. You may also want to add point-to-point collection services that enable your customers to leave returns at the same pickup locations. Making your service as convenient as possible for your customers to use will keep you top of mind when they next wish to place an order online. 

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