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Birthday Ideas for Kids That Love Cars

If you're the parent of a child who's obsessed with cars, then you might be wondering how to incorporate that into their birthday celebrations. There are loads of great car-themed activities that make perfect gifts or days out. There are options for individual birthday treats, activities with a few friends, or big parties. Whichever you choose, your kid is sure to have an amazing day that they won't forget in a hurry. Just be prepared to hear even more about cars than usual!

Limo hire

Limos represent the height of luxury for kids, so having their very own birthday limo ride makes an amazing treat. Most limos will have room for you, your child, and a few friends or family members. Champagne can be provided for the adults, and the kids can feel very sophisticated sipping orange juice from wine glasses. The limo could be a treat in itself, or you could use it to transport your child to another surprise, like a car-related film at the cinema, or a car-themed surprise party. To make the ride even more unique, pick a 4x4 style limo or a limo sprayed in your child's favourite colour.

Transport museum

Plenty of towns have a local transport museum, and they're normally pretty cheap to visit. Let your child marvel at vehicles through the ages - they might even learn something. These museums often cover cars, trains, buses, bikes and aeroplanes, so they're a great choice for kids with multiple interests. If you're taking a large group of friends, ask the museum about group discounts. At the end of your visit, enjoy a birthday lunch in the cafe and let your child pick out a toy from the gift shop.

Car driving experience day

Your child might not be old enough to get their license yet, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying a driving experience day. They could be a passenger in a high speed race car on a real track, enjoy a spin in an iconic classic car, or, if they're old enough, even have their very first driving lesson on a private track. This can be a lot of fun for kids who are getting close to being old enough to drive and want to get a head start on learning. For the wild at heart, an off-roading buggy adventure over rough terrain is the perfect choice. You'll have to make sure that your child meets the age and height restrictions for different activities, but you can be assured that they'll be completely safe at all times.