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Advice on How to Prepare Your Furniture for Storage

Whether you buy new furniture and want to keep the old pieces as spares or you have bought antique furniture as an investment, you will need to keep them properly stored so that they do not get damaged. You don't want to store all of this furniture on your property as it will take up too much space.

Therefore, you should use a self-storage unit in order to keep everything in one place. You will need to take necessary precautions to prevent the furniture from being damaged or deteriorated both during the transport and storage process. Here is some advice that will help you to do just that.


In advance of putting the furniture into storage, you should make sure that it is completely clean. This will prevent any stains or marks from becoming permanent and stop any potential deterioration of the surfaces from occurring.

You should wipe the furniture down with a clean cloth first of all. You should then proceed to use whatever cleaner is appropriate for the surface, whether it is wood or glass, etc. You should let the furniture naturally dry before transporting it as this will remove any remaining areas of moisture that could be hiding in it. This is important because trapped water residue will cause discolouration and additional surface damage over time if not dealt with.


A lot of furniture these days does not come assembled. Therefore, you will be able to effectively disassemble it. When dealing with larger items such as couches and wardrobes, you want to ensure that the transport process is as smooth as possible because these bulky items are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. 

If possible, remove the legs from sofas and tables, the drawers from cabinets and the planks from the bed frames. You should individually wrap the components that you have removed and label them clearly. They should also be kept together to ensure that nothing is lost in the process of moving.


Once the furniture has been properly cleaned and disassembled, you need to protect it with the correct materials.

For items that are prone to breaking, comprehensively wrap them. Often, plastic wrapping materials are not the best ones to use as they can cause a certain level of suffocation in the furniture made of things such as woods and various fabrics. This may lead to some condensation and strange smells in the self-storage space. You should ideally use cloth, covers and blankets to keep the dust away while at the same time allowing proper air circulation.