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Going on a Helicopter Tour? Remember These Helpful Tips

A scenic flight by helicopter can be one of the most memorable experiences that someone can have if he or she knows what to do in order to get the best from that aerial scenic tour. This article discusses some suggestions that first-timers can implement in order to enjoy their scenic tours by helicopter.

Start Short

Scenic flight operators usually have different packages that vary in the length of time that you can take while in the air. It is normally advisable for inexperienced people to select the shortest tour on offer for their maiden scenic tour. For instance, select a 10-minute tour for your first flight. This short flight will allow you to get an introduction to what it feels like to travel by helicopter. For example, you will get used to the vibrations in your feet as the helicopter moves. You can then schedule longer flights once you are sure that you are comfortable.

Mind What You Eat

Avoid having a heavy meal just before you go on a scenic flight by helicopter if it is your first time. A heavy meal can increase your discomfort, and you may be sick. Have a snack or eat several hours before your flight is due. In this way, you will ward off any stomach discomfort that could have reduced your enjoyment of your maiden scenic flight.

Gear Up

You should not make the mistake of thinking that your photography or video equipment will perform just fine in the air as it does on the ground. Get long-range lenses for your camera so that you can easily zoom in on anything below, such as wild animals, which may attract your interest. In this way, you will not have any disappointments after realising that your equipment could not take clear pictures of anything seen below.

Pick the Right Seat

Helicopters can carry multiple passengers during each scenic flight. Each of those passengers usually has a very good view of the features below or around the helicopter. However, the best seat to occupy when you are intent on getting the best still or video footage during your scenic flight is the seat next to the pilot. You will have the best possible vantage point if you are the lucky person to get this seat. You can even put your persuasion skills to use in case someone beat you to that coveted seat.

Your first scenic flight by helicopter will likely be very enjoyable, which means you should look forward to the next one.